Welcome to http://ghostscript.sourceforge.net/

This is the home page for the Ghostscript project on SourceForge. For general information about Ghostscript, please visit ghostscript.com or http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost. Here are a couple of notes to help you get the information you want from the CVS repository here.

The module name for the AFPL Ghostscript sources and documentation in the CVS repository is 'gs'. This is the module name you would use when doing a 'cvs checkout'.

For complete checkout instructions and a web interface to the repository itself, please visit cvs.ghostscript.com.

If you want the most recent well-tested public release, go to the general information page above and find the version number, of the form #.# (e.g., 6.0) or #.## (e.g., 5.50). The corresponding CVS tag is gs#_# or gs#_##, e.g., gs6_0 or gs5_50. Use this with the -r switch when doing a 'cvs checkout'.

If you want the most recent test version, with post-release fixes and enhancements but less testing, look in the "Download" section of the Ghostscript project here on SourceForge, and use the version number of the most recent released archive.

If you want to see the very latest sources that are believed to compile, link, and not crash and burn on takeoff, just check out the current state of the CVS tree.

If you have suggestions for this page, please let us know by submitting a bug report.
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